What is the Difference Between False Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions

What is the Difference Between False Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions?

When it comes to beauty, one of the key features that we’ve been trying to enhance for eternity is eyelashes. For centuries, women have been doing everything in their power to improve upon the lashes they were born with. 

In ancient Rome, women used kohl and burnt cork to darken their eyelashes, while during the Elizabethan period women defined their lashes a reddish hue to match reigning Queen Elizabeth’s natural color. The first mascara was developed by Queen Victoria’s perfumer in the 1800’s, made of a mix of coal dust and Vaseline; and the first false lashes are said to have been invented in Hollywood (naturally!) in 1916 by film director D.W. Griffith who wanted his actresses to have fluttering lashes on screen. 

Today, false eyelashes remain hot property but somehow, we still haven’t found it any easier to apply them! The combination of sticky glue and fiddly fibers are enough to drive you mad. So it’s no wonder that eyelash extensions quickly caught on. But are they really all that they’re cracked up to be?

Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extension are basically a semi-permanent solution to falsies. They offer the opportunity to wake up each morning with thicker, longer lashes already attached. 

But such “ease” does come with a price.

Firstly, extensions come with a hefty, ongoing, price. Lash extensions can cost around $200 for the initial application and then $50-$75 for refills every three weeks. It’s also a lengthy process to have them applied.

Secondly, eyelash extensions aren’t exactly great for your eyes. Some people find that they’re allergic to the glue while some glues still contain toxic formaldehyde (the same controversial substance found in Brazilian Blowouts). The actual process of gluing fake lashes to your real lashes for long periods may also take a toll on your natural lashes, causing them to thin even further.  

Finally, eyelash extensions can change up your eye makeup routine. You may not need mascara but you may find applying eyeliner and eye shadow more difficult, especially the rubbing that’s involved in removing them. This may cause you to lose some of your extensions prematurely. Likewise, if you live an active lifestyle and swim or workout a lot as water and sweat can also limit the lifespan of your lash extensions.

False Eyelashes 

False eyelashes may have taken a backseat to lash extensions momentarily but they are far from dead and buried. Lash technology is alive and well! 

Traditionally, falsies have been a difficult (but necessary) evil when trying to achieve thick, full lashes. Anyone who’s ever battled a tube of glue and a packet of lashes can attest to the frustration of trying to get them to stick exactly in place. But they always look so much better than even the greatest mascara, so we battle on – cursing as we go. 

Today, however, falsies have had quite the overhaul with the recent invention of magnetic false lashes. These are lashes that literally click into place and involve no glue whatsoever. Invented by One Two Cosmetics, each lash consists of two lashes (a top, and a bottom), each with miniature magnets. Your natural lash is sandwiched between these two lashes and the magnets quite simply click together. To remove them, it’s just a matter of sliding the magnets gently apart with your fingers. 

One Two Cosmetics full lashes come in two styles: the original half lash, and the new full coverage falsies. Both offer a dramatic look, but the original adheres only to the outer corner of your lashes, whereas the new lashes cover the whole lash line.

So, What’s the Better Choice? 

Many women first turned to eyelash extensions to end their misery with false lashes but as time went on, and costs added up, it became an impossible task to keep up. 

Thankfully, they haven’t had to return to the messy falsies of old. The advent of magnet falsies, specifically One Two Cosmetics’ full lashes, has really changed the game.  

Magnet false lashes: 

  • Cost less than half of an initial fill of extensions, and are completely reusable 
  • Can be removed in mere seconds 
  • Have no glue that can harm one of your most precious assets – your eyes 
  • Can be easily worn with any regular eye make-up 
  • And, last all day long 

The catalogue of false lashes over at One Two Cosmetics are known as One Two Lash and come in both half and full lashes, as well as several styles like natural, enhanced, and bold. So, you can choose what lash best suits your lifestyle or event, and even change it up daily! 

My vote weighs heavily towards these new and improved false lashes right now. Whoever thought that magnets would be the future of eye makeup?


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