Virtual Tours. 

The Immense Benefits of Using Virtual Tours

A virtual tour refers to the simulation of a real or existing location through the use of a sequence of still images and videos. In some other instances, other multimedia elements like music, sound effects, narration and text may be used. 

The use of virtual reality has been made possible through the use of interactive websites and social media such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter. Because of the immense benefits associated with the use of virtual tours, a number of industries such as health, educational institutions, real estate and hospitality industry are increasingly adopting its use. 


The use of virtual tours has been greatly adopted in providing insight into Dementia. With a better understanding of the condition, this has greatly helped in lessening its adverse symptoms by designing moderation measures. Additionally, through VDT you will get to understand the reason why dementia patients behave in a way that you would normally consider inappropriate. Some of the behaviors common with people with Dementia include;restlessness, anxiety, paranoia, jumbled speech and unsteady walking. 

Virtual Tour for Dementia and how it happens

Virtual Tour for Dementia (VDT) was pioneered in the US by PK Beville. It is recommended to be used by nurses and caregivers to provide better care to patients with dementia. At the present, it is estimated that over 17 countries are using VDT. 

With a VDT, a person gets hooked to a pad that is similar to the pins and needles of the disorder of nerves, peripheral neuropathy. The damage to your peripheral nerves always results in the numbness, weakness and pain mostly in your feet and hands. 

Additionally, with a VDT, your primary senses are literally taken away. One is required to wear gloves which serve to eradicate the sensation on the fingers, apart from the black spectacles that are used to block your peripheral vision. In addition, Virtual Dementia Tour provider fits your head with large headphones. 

After all of that equipping, one is then led to a dark room for observations to begin-monitoring your speech and actions. This process takes about 10 minutes or less after which you will be questioned regarding how you behaved during the process. In most of the times you will not even recall what you said or did as a result of the distress and bewilderment that was experienced. 

From the results of most studies, around 90% of normal subjects’ during virtual tour often experience anxiety and disorientation. Because of that, the subjects would find themselves doing what they would in normal circumstances consider incongruous. That is done to deal with the mental stress experienced. 

There are also other various benefits in the use of virtual tours in healthcare apart from helping in the better care of dementia patients, elderly people and people with diabetes. One of the other benefits is that a sense of comfort is able to be gained by patients through a Virtual tour of the health facility. Most people, I included, often have this unexplained anxiety of visiting a hospital or going to see a doctor. 

Through the virtual tour, some sort of comfort is gained as you are able to become familiar with the hospital facility and its surroundings. For example, through the virtual tour you are able to show operating rooms and medical machinery. 

Real Estate

Real estate industry is one of the big beneficiaries of this technology and innovation.It is estimated that 84% of first time home buyers and 79% of repeat buyers often use the internet in searching for a home. Additionally,on account of various studies, it has been exhibited that a real estate website that uses a virtual tour will have more views, 50%; compared to a competitor’s website that has not implemented the use of virtual tour. 

The main benefit of a virtual tour in real estate is that the client is able to view the various rooms and the home including the surrounding areas without physically traveling to the location. This saves the potential customer both time and money. Meaning by the time you decide to physically travel to the location of the home, there are high chances that you consider it to be good. 

For your website, the use of virtual tour is cost effective to you apart from the fact that it would increase your revenues. This is as long as you use professional videos. 

 In conclusion, apart from the health sector, there are also a number of areas that have benefited greatly from the virtual tour as was mentioned above. In the business sense, a virtual tour is increasingly being exploited as an important marketing tool to promote products and services. In fact it is the use of images and videos which have made internet marketing so popular these days.