The 310 Shake and Ideal Shake which one is better

The 310 Shake and Ideal Shake Review: Which One’s Better? 

Introduction to the shakes

310 shake is a meal replacement shake unlike any that you have seen before. At least, that’s what the makers claim. It uses the company’s trademark tri-plex protein profile to achieve the mission of suppressing your appetite to achieve weight loss. What makes it different is that there very few fillers in this one along with no sugar, soy proteins or chemical additives.

Ideal Shake is another meal replacement shake, but from IdealShape. It was introduced almost a decade before 310 shakes. Its price is relatively lower compared to 310 shakes, with a glass of Ideal Shake costing $1.66 while 310 costs $2.43.

The recommended dosage and ingredients:

310 meal replacement shakes can be taken once or twice a day and the suggested serving is one scoop. The important ingredients are pea, rice and hemp proteins, a fiber blend, organic fruits and vegetable extracts and other vitamins and minerals.

For Ideal Shake, the suggested serving is one s310coop every day which will help you reduce your weight by suppressing your appetite. Since it is available with a sipper, you can carry it along no matter where you go. It consists of whey protein isolate, sunflower oil creamer, whey protein concentrate, insulin, Ideal-shape Hunger Blocker Blend and other vitamins and minerals. Unlike 310, it does not boast any proprietary ingredient, but has potato protein that has been proven to reduce weight.


Both of them are available in the classic flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. However, while the fourth flavor in 310 is mocha which might appeal to coffee lovers, for Ideal Shake the fourth one is orange cream.

What do the users have to say?

The user ratings for both of these shakes have been similar and not uniform. Different users have had different things to say about these two.

From its taste to visible results, the verdict has been different for different users. While some users didn’t like the taste, some found them too sweet for their liking, while others thought they were good with no sugar. So you will have to try them to decide which one is more suitable for your taste buds. Considering the reviews received, it is possible that you might like both, or might prefer not using either of them.

For the shake to be successful, it has to curb your appetite. Users have again given a different verdict on the appetite suppressing factor. Some felt the shakes did little to nothing for their appetite while others reported tremendous weight loss.

Scientific evidence to support the claims?

The alarming fact is that there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of the makers on the official website.

310 shakes boast of their protein content and scientifically, protein has been linked to weight loss. The science is that proteins help build muscles and thereby burns fat faster. So here, they do deserve that credit.

In the case of Ideal Shake, Slendesta, or potato protein, is an important ingredient in this shake and it has been linked to weight loss as it blocks hunger.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to taste, 310 shake recently underwent a change in their recipe and the result is a much better tasting drink. So 310 has got the upper hand in the taste department. But 310 loses out in the price department where it is a more expensive choice as mentioned earlier.

However, 310 shakes have a better consistency, so you won’t have clumps when you mix it with a liquid, and they tend to go well with other beverages as well. They are also easier on the stomach since the ingredients can be quickly absorbed.

As with all other meal replacement shakes, the results are different for different people. There are a few ways in which Ideal Shake outperforms 310 shakes and some in which 310 shakes have the upper hand.

If you are trying to lose weight and price is not a big factor for you, then we definitely suggest trying out the 310 shake since it does well in the user’s satisfaction department. The taste is great and users love it. However, if the price is a big deal, then go with Ideal Shakes.

As with all meal replacement shakes, don’t forget to religiously follow a serious workout schedule. All the best!