Virtual Tour.

How a University Can be Explored Through a Virtual Tour

Is there no higher pursuit than trying to find an institution at which to pursue your higher education? You can start deciding which institution you would like to go to by actually visiting the campus and getting a feel for the university community, as well as the facilities they provide and the surrounding areas. But you might live far away from the campus of the university you’re interested in attending, fortunately there is now an alternative option to visiting in person. 

 There has been a major development in technology recently that allows you to visit a university campus without having to make the trip. Now universities are beginning to offer a virtual tour. McMaster University is one of the first universities in Canada, and even the world, to offer virtual tours to prospective students who are considering attending the university. The virtual tour has been developed by the university’s Faculty of Science. All you need to visit the McMaster University connection is an internet connection and you’ll get to tour the various laboratories, such as the anatomy laboratory, as well as other faculties. 

 So, no matter where you’re located, you can still visit the campus and the facilities that are open to undergraduates via a virtual tour. The McMaster’s Faculty of Science have collaborated with their Central Recruitment and their Associate Dean’s Office to make sure that the virtual tour is kept updated. 

 The virtual tour has a number of features to allow the user who would like to visit the university the most convenient experience. There is a guided tour which provides the prospective student with the same experience that they would have got if they had taken the tour in person. During the guided tour the virtual reality user will get to see the exact routes and facilities that they would have taken if they had attended the live tour. This is the closest you’ll get to actually visiting the university. 

 There is also an option of using a self-guided tour. This virtual reality tour allows you to familiarise yourself with the facilities of McMaster University. The laboratories that you’ll find on this self-guided tour are mostly accessed by students who will advance their studies in science. The facilities include the Nuclear Reactor as well as the Cell Biology Lab. 

 A virtual tour will also give you the option of a 360-degree tour of some of the facilities at McMaster University. It is powered by Google Street View Project and gives the user the opportunity to view the university through a 360-degree photographic level. The feature is accessible on both the guided and self-guided tour options. With this mode you get to enjoy a 360-degree tour of the facilities of the university that are included on the virtual tours, such as the 11 buildings and 29 locations. The amount of locations and facilities that you can visit on this mode are bound to increase as the popularity of the technology continues. 

 The university noted that not all of its prospective students have a reliable internet connection, or even access to the internet. For this reason, the university also included a basic mode on their site, which allows a tour of the university through a few images. 

 There are a number of benefits to having a virtual tour, besides allowing prospective students to visit the university even if it is too far away from them to visit in real life, or their schedule doesn’t allow it. There are also times when future students can’t visit the university campus due to safety reasons, or when those facilities are currently in use. The Associate Dean of Science has stated that for this reason visitors can take advantage of the virtual tour sites in order to get an idea of what these facilities hold for them. What’s more, the virtual tours are free, so prospective students who are on a budget will have access to them, and won’t have to fork out the travelling costs to visit the university. 

 So, if you are a student of science and you are interested in what it would be like to study towards an undergraduate degree in science at McMaster University then a virtual tour is definitely for you. A convenient way to tour the campus and its facilities throughout the year.