Everything You Need to Know About Morning Complete by ActivatedYou

Everything You Need to Know About Morning Complete by ActivatedYou

We all know that a good night’s sleep can benefit you in a number of ways, from our physical health to our mental health, even how children grow and how the body heals!What you may not think about so much is what happens afterwards—how you spend your morning. After all, what more do you need other than a cup of coffee as you stumble out the door? You may be selling yourself short, though.  Setting yourself up for a good morning is the precursor to the rest of the day, and Activated You’s Morning Complete is the perfect partner to make it happen.

Why Do I Need To Wake Up Right?

Part of waking up well is having the proper breakfast. It may sound like an old adage, but there is truth to it, if not for the reasons that you think. Breakfast eaters tend to have better diets overall, consuming more fruit, vegetables, milk, and whole grains than non-breakfast eaters. Another important fact is that the period between dinner and your next meal is the longest most people experience. As a result, after a healthy breakfast, your blood sugar increases a little bit, but it will take a while for your body to absorb it. But if you skip meals, you may overeat at your next one.2 

This is one part of a larger reason why you want to have a good morning: the value of routine. Many successful people have a clearly defined morning routine, mainly because it helps put them in a organized, healthy mindset for the following day.It’s easy to get hung up on one or two details, but when it comes to your health, try the holistic approach. Combine getting the right nutrients with other details like mental health. Want to budget some time for mediation? Do it! Taking control of your morning means taking control of the rest of the day.4

The ActivatedYou Story

This mindset is key to the approach of ActivatedYou. ActivatedYou is a partnership between Dr. Edison de Mello and actress Maggie Q. Maggie Q may be known for her roles in on TV and screen, but she has also been an advocate for those in need all her life. Her own struggles with personal health stemmed from her youth, where an undiagnosed condition left her struggling with fatigue, mood swings and bloating. As she worked to get to the top of Hollywood, she also developed a deep interest in the world of nutrition. Today, Maggie Q is working to connect health, well-being, and sustainability, something that we all can aspire to.

This makes the perfect match for Dr. de Mello. On top of being a physician and psychotherapist, he is also the Founder and Medical Director of the world-renowned Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. His special East-meets-West approach helps patients from families to Hollywood celebrities. As Medical Director and co-founder of Activated You, he carries over his philosophy that one should  “meet their patient before meeting their condition.”

This is espoused by the ActivatedYou brand by Akasha Naturals, combining modern science with knowledge of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, and more. Combine these factors together, and this makes the perfect combination for your gut and beyond.

What Goes In Morning Complete?

Morning Complete perfectly encapsulates the idea that a morning is not something to be pushed through, but a time to set the stage for the day. This wonderful product does this by fortifying your body with a great blend of nutrients that make for optimal health. With a delicious green apple taste, Morning Complete provides a combination of things that our body already used to feel better, like green superfoods, prebiotics, probiotics, and a powerful metabolic blend.

Some of the signature ingredients in Morning Complete include: 

  1. Turmeric 
  2. Bitter Melon Extract 
  3. Spinach 
  4. Kale 
  5. Gymnema Silvestre Leaf 
  6. Pine Bark Extract 
  7. Fennel Seed 

These ingredients are among some of the most popular subjects for scientific study in the natural world, and Morning Complete lets you take them all in as simply as possible. All you need to do is pour one scoop of the easily-dissolved powder into 8 oz. of water. Set the pace for more energy and better health by combining a morning routine with a nice dose of Morning Complete before you head off to work or school. 

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