Could the Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Could the Anti-Aging Breakthrough, NIAGEN, be “The One?”

Most people will tell you that at one time or another they have thought about aging and its effects. As a result, it comes as no surprise that medical experts have come up with various methods and remedies for slowing the process down. However, the fact is that it remains an unavoidable aspect for all of us.  

With that said, Niagen, whose scientific name is Nicotinamide Riboside, has come into the field and according to manufactures and users; it is proving to be an effective alternative for dealing with aging issues. Research shows that it is a naturally occurring compound. It also offers crucial insight that will assist scientists in approaching their study of aging in a very different way. 

Niagen and Aging  

Experts say that aging is largely the result of a constantly deteriorating link between the nucleus located in our cells and mitochondria. The nucleus comprises of DNA instructions and other critical matter needed for human development. In the case of mitochondria, these are components whose responsibility it is to provide the energy required to run cells. Between them is a symbiotic relationship that facilitates growth and overall well-being in humans. When this relationship becomes weak, the cells start to die quickly and few new ones emerge. This is what leads to aging and eventually death.  

In addition to the nucleus and mitochondria, NAD+, which is a metabolite, provides protection against DNA stress and injury. It also has the sole duty of cellular activity. As one gets older, the amounts of NAD+ in their bodies drop, causing the link between the nucleus and mitochondria to weaken.  

According to studies, an increase of one’s NAD+ levels can help reverse premature aging and considerably reduce the process of cellular degradation and death. The good thing is that NAD+ is a naturally occurring compound of vitamin B3, found in beer and milk. In addition, it is important to note that Niagen is literally the first ever NAD+ only supplement, which makes it one of a kind in dealing with aging issues. 

What is the science behind it? 

NAD+ helps to increase cellular activity and maintain a strong link between the nucleus and mitochondria. This in turn creates a seamless communication between the two components, providing the energy needed for regeneration and growth.  

Medical trials 

In an effort to verify their findings, researchers took six men and six women and gave them a single oral dose of Niagen week after week. Afterwards, they tested the participants and results showed that the Niagen consumed was able to raise their NAD+ levels.  


Contrary to other anti-aging remedies that require external application, this particular supplement is designed to target the main cause of reduced cellular activity and aging. This special makeup also enables it to work more effectively when it comes to reversing premature aging and its various causes. 

Since it is made from natural compounds already present in things such as cow’s milk and brewer’s yeast, users do not incur difficulties when absorbing and metabolizing Niagen. This particular aspect makes it stands out from most of the other such supplements in the market. 

Niagen has also been clinically proven to work using tests done on various participants that revealed an increase in their NAD+ levels after they were given varying doses of the supplement.  

Finally, yet importantly, this particular anti-aging remedy is available as a pure supplement, which solely contains the vitamin. It comes packed in a 250mg capsule with no extra synthetic compounds, additives, magnesium or other elements. Due to such features, it is considered one of the safest supplements available.  


With all the revolutionary research findings that this supplement has brought to the limelight, a significant number of health and medical companies have come out with their own versions of the metabolite. However, they still retain the name and offer the exact same formula. Despite this, it is still critical that users confirm the supplement and that it is not a fake version of the original before making a purchase.  

Experts agree that Niagen is suitable for anyone and has no age limitations. However, it is still advised that you keep it away from your children largely because they do not need it. Research is also ongoing and the public can expect to see more development in the years to come.